Sunday, 10 January 2016

George Keymer and his fiancée

Prior to going to war, Uncle George Keymer was seeing a young lady called Frances May Harkin (known as Fanny). They were engaged to be married.

The only known photo of the couple together turned up in a pile of pictures today. It was a very special to see them together and think what the story may have turned out like if George had survived the war. 

Wedding of George's sister Louie to James Archibald, 19 April 1915.
The picture above shows the family and friends of my great grandparents, James and Louie Archibald (née Keymer). Fanny Harkin is dressed in white and seated third from the right. George is behind her to her right. This photo was taken at the Keymer home, Birkenhead, on 19 April 1915. 

Frances (Fanny) Harkin is dressed in white, in the middle of this picture.
George Keymer, her fiance, is behind at the right of her. 

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