Thursday, 9 July 2015

Uncle Lynch's family home & graves

Uncle Lynch came from a large family. He was born in Palmerston North but the family moved down to Wellington, residing at 23 Myrtle Steeet at the time of his enlistment. Lynch's father was a builder by trade, and Lynch himself, worked as a cabinet maker before heading off overseas.

Driving by Uncle George (Lynch) Cobb's parent's home in central Wellington was an interesting experience. The house is very cute and I'm sure has many stories to reveal!

What makes the house even more interesting is that it has a twin right next door!

Alfred did not build these houses. He took his family to Wellington after declaring bankruptcy. Laura purchased the house in her name.

In the Karori Cemetery, plot 476F in the Public 3 section, is the grave for Alfred and Laura Cobb, Lynch's parents. Laura passed away first, at the end of 1943, aged 73 years. It seems as though she died in the Myrtle Street house. Her husband, Alfred, passed away 19 years later, in 1962. He was 93 years old. Below is a picture of their joint grave.

The grave of Lynch's brother Alfred Leonard, his wife, and their two sons is located at 70F in the Lawn Section. 

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